We are a truly hybrid consulting and technology firm
Most of us are ex-MDs from banking and finance or ex-Partners from established consultancies
Our USP is combining deep domain experience with specialist ART skills (Analytics, Risk and Technology)
Our software is designed by users for users (not by technology professionals for domain experts)

Basinghall – at a glance


Focus areas

Analytics, Risk and Technology


Engagement types

Advisory, software, technical assurance, specialist interim resources, and complex delivery


Target geographies

UK and Ireland, Nordics, and Central Europe


Strong academics

Most of our consultants hold advanced degrees from prestigious universities


Average work experience

Many of our consultants have in-depth industry experience (15+ years)

Best practice in action

  • Our slogan “best practice in action” is the consulting equivalent of “show, don’t tell”
  • Show best practice via a prototype or a software, in action i.e. implemented
  • This makes complex concepts more concrete, easier to understand, and faster to implement
  • For example, show how to automate model validation or climate stress testing via a prototype


  • Standardization in the context of hybrid consulting/technology means construct solutions from combining off-the-shelf components
  • We have created many off-the-shelf components as part of our
  • For example, model monitoring can be implemented using a subset of pre-selected set of metrics, along with commonly used thresholds, which then feed into standardized reports with defined content
  • The two main benefits of standardization are faster delivery and lower implementation risk
  • In general we aim to deliver in 25% less time as compared to the accepted market norm

Intellectual Property

  • Given our goals and services a significant amount of IP gets created on an ongoing basis
  • This is held in our sister company The Model Vault
  • Currently our IP includes (but is not restricted to) the following:
  1. 1.
    A model risk quantification methodology, corresponding algorithms in Python, and a prototype running on Jupyter Notebooks
  2. 2.
    A stress testing experimental tool
  3. 2.
    An industrial-strength stress testing application running on AWS using microservices architecture and executing computations in Spark
  4. 3.
    A scenario-based financial planning tool
  5. 4.
    Synthetic data, e.g. evolution of a mortgage portfolio
  6. 5.
    300+ banking book (credit risk, IRB /IFRS 9) models, trading book models, finance models, etc
  7. 6.
    A very large library of business rules (written in JSON) required in stress testing (Bank of England’s STDF, EBA, ICAAP), recovery planning, and scenario-based financial planning

Aspirational positioning of skills and capability

  • Strong quant and technology implementation skills
  • Specialist risk and regulatory expertise with reliable project delivery
  • Highly educated staff (90% postgraduates, more than half of partners have a PhD)