Basinghall Analytics is an ART firm

We provide services in the areas of Analytics, Risk and Technology. We are a truly hybrid consulting and technology firm.

Our mission is to enable clients to focus on their business and risk decisions – rather than on process and infrastructure

We achieve this by delivering streamlined and integrated Analytics and Technology, which incorporates years of Risk management experience
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Our unique selling proposition

  • A typical Basinghall solution to a client issue has two components: consulting and software (or prototype)
  • And each component combines specialist ART skills with domain experience
  • Pluto, our “industrialisation of stress testing” solution, is a good example of this approach
Typical Basinghall solution
Specialist ART skills
Domain experience
Typical Basinghall solution
Specialist ART skills
Domain experience

ART specialisms

Below is a high-level view of our specialisms.
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  • Model risk management
  • Model risk quanitification
  • Model validation
  • Model audit
  • Model development
  • Model monitoring metrics
  • Model classification and inventory
  • Data science
  • Data visualization
  • Synthetic data generation
  • Artificail Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • ModelOps, MLOps
  • Neptune (model risk management and quantification software)
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  • Risk data
  • Cyber risk
  • Recovery and resolution
  • Funding in resolution
  • Operational risk
  • Behavioural models
  • Climate risk
  • Stress testing
  • Scenario-based financial planning
  • Finance models
  • Banking book credit risk
  • Trading book (MR and CCR)
  • Scenario generation and expansion
  • Liquidity risk (LCR, NSFR)
  • Financial regulation
  • Risk operating models
  • Pluto (stress testing and scenario-
    based financial planning software)
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  • Data engineering / DataOps
  • DevOps / cloud  architecture
  • Cloud migration
  • Full-stack development
  • Software architecture
  • Cyber risk
  • SecOps
  • Cloud security and operations
  • Observability
  • Third party system integration
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Current top three focus areas


Model Risk

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Measuring and managing model risk – across traditional and AI/ML models
  • Proprietary methodology to measure uncertainty in model output and impact
Neptune suite of products
  • Model risk quantification, model risk management, modelling platform

Stress testing

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Scenario-driven processes across the enterprise
  • Stress testing (BoE, EBA, ECB, …), recovery planning, scenario-based financial planning
Pluto suite of products
  • Full orchestration, separate sandbox tool, polyglot model executor, data quality


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This is an emerging area:
Quant + Technology
  • Integrated approach to modelling, data engineering and software architecture
Proprietary and 3rd party tools
  • Data pipelines and lakes, migration to cloud, system integration, synthetic data

Software products

Pluto takes input data extracted from the bank’s systems and transforms it into the required reporting templates for regulatory and internal stress testing, as well as scenario-based financial planning.

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Neptune combines model risk management workflow system with model execution platform. It includes a model risk quantification module that computes model risk for a variety of models.

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